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Price Pump Model - AOD

The AOD® ...a great utility pump. Wherever compressed air is available--
you can have an AOD® solving a pumping problem.



Pumps from 1/4" to 3" Inlet/Outlet with Metallic and Non-Metallic designs. ANSI/DIN flanges on selected non-metallic pumps and BSP Ports on selected metallic pumps. Patented, Oil-Less, Stall-Free Air Valve.
















































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VIPTech GmbH
Lessingstraße 12
D-72663 Großbettlingen

Geschäftsführerin: Sabine Zimmermann
Geschäftsführer: Ralf Zimmermann
Eingetragen beim Amtsgericht Stuttgart HRB 225471
Sitz der Gesellschaft ist Großbettlingen /  Nürtingen

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VIPTech GmbH
Lessingstraße 12
D-72663 Großbettlingen

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Web www.viptech.net

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AOD® Pumping:
AOD® Pump Solutions for Today's Marketplace (WhitePaper)

Applications and Fluids:
AOD® Pumping Applications List

Applications Of Distinction: - Case Histories
Latex Adhesives
Silicon Coating
Meat Processing
Steel Mill
Wallpaper Manufacture
Fruit Concentrate
Paint Manufacture
Textile Industry
Pumping Fine Powders
Liquid PVC
Plating Chemical Processing
Lacquering Tannery Hides
Sugar Juice Clarification

Stall-free Performance:
Oil-Less Operation:
  • No oil misting into the environment
  • No unhealthy working conditions
  • No oil, lubricants or grease to contaminate your products
  • Air Valve Assemblies include specially modified flourocarbon resin materials which glide smoothly without lubrication.
  • All dynamic sealing is completed without the use of O-rings, resulting in less wear.

Minimal Maintenance:

Which Air Valve will your customers want to rebuild?